Artist, Leah Tinsley


Hi, I'm Leah, an Artist who loves to encourage and educate others in confidently pursuing their own creative paths. I'm passionate about art and spreading joy!


My love for nature birthed from my childhood in Arkansas and exploring the outdoors. It was here I had the privilege to teach myself art through drawing wildlife. I laid in the fields, sat in the creeks and hiked through the woods. I grew flowers, swam in the lake, jumped in the leaves and played in the snow. My surroundings were a daily inspiration. Nature was my friend and art was my voice. 


My family had a simple life which taught me how to appreciate the little things and exercise my imagination often. I didn't watch much television or play video games and there were no cell phones or social media. I grew up playing outside until sunset, building forts and decorating mud pies with flowers. I spent all my free time drawing, writing, reading and taking photos. All the allowance I earned from doing chores would be spent on developing my film or purchasing art supplies. I entered my drawings in the county fair and won ribbons I hung on my bedroom wall. Creating art and sharing it with others made my heart happy. 

When I was 15 I moved to Tampa. Throughout my teenage years, my twenties and my early thirties I discovered the Greater Tampa Bay area. I learned the thrill of a hockey game, how to survive the interstates of downtown and the beauty of connecting with communities. I experienced a multitude of museums, beaches, festivals and events. I also had the opportunity to travel to many countries and see different cultures. These adventures were different from my childhood in the woods but none the less I grew because of them. I learned how to appreciate other's differences, improve my communication and push myself to grow. Growing up in the woods and then living in the city taught me a lot about balance. And it's this balance that helps me in my art and teaching others. 

Through nature & some key people in my life, I learned to connect with God and hear his voice. Much of my art is inspired by what he reveals to me and the beauty of his creation. I credit the joy & freedom you see in my art and life to the relationship I have with God. Although I had done art since a very young age, I had never really painted anything. It was God who encouraged me to start painting in 2014. It took me around 2 years before I had confidence to sell my art.

Surprisingly I've only been painting for 7 years and selling my art for 5 years. But gosh have I had so many great opportunities in those five years. I've painted LIVE at events, taught private lessons, taught group art classes, created art curriculum, participated in art festivals, featured my work in galleries, studios and stores, painted murals, created many commissioned pieces, donated art for charities, worked as a Creative Operations Coordinator for an art company, worked as a teacher for a mobile art company, led art events for the community and sold art to may happy customers online :) And I still have so so many goals, dreams and aspirations ahead of me! 

I'm glad you are here!  I hope that you will be encouraged by my art and inspired to be a more creative you. We are ALL creative! I look forward to connecting with you.