Book Me for your next Event!

Exposing as many people as possible to artistic expression is very important to us. It’s not often that an opportunity arises to witness fine art being created live.  


Step 1:  The Consultation
If you are interested in live event painting services for your event, the first step is a consultation with Leah to discuss your event and what you have in mind for your painting.  This step is completely free and does not obligate you to book your event painting with us.  However, for something as personal and customized as a piece of artwork, we like to make sure our style and goals are a good match.  Before your consultation, be sure to take a look at Leah's painting gallery to see if there are any aspects of the example paintings that you like that we can look to replicate in your painting.

Step 2:  Booking 
After your consultation, it is important to look over our pricing guide (provided prior to your consultation) to choose which package appeals to you.  When you are ready to book, let us know which package you prefer and we will draw up a contract.  The signed contract, along with a small non-refundable deposit, is then used to hold your date indefinitely.

Step 3:  Pre-event Appointment
Closer to your event date, we will hold your pre-event appointment to discuss your finalized painting vision.  During your pre-event appointment, Leah will call you to discuss your event as well as any goals for your painting. By the end of the pre-event appointment you should feel assured that your vision for your painting will be met.

Step 4:  Painting Your Event
On the day of your event, Leah will arrive up to 2 hours early to set up and pre-paint before guests arrive.  (The amount of pre-painting time is determined by what the venue will allow as well as the chosen painting package.)  During this time, Leah can paint while interacting with guests and painting other details during the remainder of the party.  While the goal is to complete most, if not all of the painting by the end of the party, the painting will usually require some touch up time at Leah’s studio.

Step 5:  After Your Event
Once finishing touches are completed (if needed), Leah will deliver your painting to you. All touch-ups are included in the cost of your painting, unless special requests are made that deviate from the original vision of the painting. Physical prints, greeting cards, and other extras can be requested at an additional cost to your painting.



How much does a Live Event Painting cost?


Pricing for live event paintings is extremely customized and based on many factors, including event location, event date, painting size, level of detail and more.  As a general guideline, the live painting experience for most events based in North Florida, Central Florida and South Georgia begins at $1350.  Events in the Florida Panhandle/Keys and East Coast United States begin at $1950, and events based in the Midwest and Western United States begins at $2500.

What kind of paint/materials do you use?

I use water based acrylic paint on canvas. Acrylic paint is the perfect medium for event painting, as it is non-toxic and fast drying, allowing for speedy delivery to you after your event. If the event allows it, I also like to provide a tarp/mat to rest under my painting space.

How do you set up? What does the venue need to provide?

I shouldn’t need assistance from the event staff, as setup is fairly minimal. I have a portable easel and tarp/mat for my painting space. The venue should reserve a small space (no bigger than about 4’x6’) before I arrive. I would also need access to a water source and somewhere to dispose of paint water after the event.

What if my venue will only allow you to arrive an hour early?

While it’s preferable to have 2 hours to pre-paint, I can still arrive an hour early to paint before and after the event. In most cases, I’ll need to bring the painting back to the studio to add finishing touches anyway, so it shouldn’t interfere with delivery time for your painting.

Can you paint my wedding/event from a photograph?

Absolutely. I don’t have to paint your event live, and can create a painting based on a photo (or photos).

Do you travel? Where are you located?

Event painting by Leah currently services the greater Tampa, FL area and its surrounding cities, towns, and communities. I can travel anywhere, as my setup is compact and portable, though travel fees will be added if the event is outside Central Florida.