Client Testimonials

  "Leah is an incredible artist. During a transitory season of my life I asked her to create a prophetic painting for me. I wanted to know what the Father was saying over me. Leah agreed. She listened to what the Father was declaring over my life and created a powerful painting to depict it. She has an uncanny ability of not just hearing Him, but also being able to put his words into beautiful creative declarations to remember who He is and who He says we are. Highly recommended!" - Chris


“There are many artists out there.  But Leah stands out from the rest not only in her skill and eye for exquisite detail, but for the deeply imaginative and creative - alive and mysterious - worlds she creates with each stroke. You literally want to jump in to them and explore the layers of wonderland story they possess.  What’s more, the depth and nuanced meaning that explode within them are compacted with a transferable breakthrough and spiritual power, often spilling from her own heart’s processes.  We love when we get to interact with Leah’s paintings because they are almost like a stone of rememberance for what He is doing in that moment to look back on. There is a reason that Art is sometimes called *priceless*, and few have truly and tangibly lived up to that definition — but Leah’s work is absolutely priceless!” - Heidi & Paul 



 "Leah’s art is amazing! I love the meaning behind all of her pieces and the way God uses it to bless me. I have personally bought a few of her originals and have them hanging in my house. Now I love that she has opened it up to prints!" - Carla

 “First, the passion and personality that shines through in the paintings, is extraordinary. I love it!! Second, the love of God is placed on the canvas which is my favorite part. Such amazing talent, and a true genuine woman. Keep it up... xoxo” - Gillian 

  "I am in love with this painting!! Leah, your work is amazing and your joy is contagious I am so excited to have this painting as a constant reminder that tough times do not last. Thank you Leah!!!!!"  - Rachel 

 "Leah has made some of the most amazing art pieces!! I was blown away by the one she completed for me, so happy how it came out".  - Jim

 "I couldn't be happier with my painting. She asked me what I was looking for and I just rambled, making no sense. But somehow she was able to capture my exact thoughts, desires and vision for the painting".

 Leah bestows true anointing within her paintings. She taps into the supernatural and captures/displays visions of the heavens so elegantly. Love the gift she carries and the healing her paintings bring just from one simple stroke of a brush.
"My painting was even more beautiful in person and it came in excellent condition from Florida to Delaware". - Andrea
"Leah has an awesome, fantastic personality. I have complete faith that she will accomplish all her goals, she is a wonderful teacher and a future "famous artist". Thank you for the beautiful painting". - Deb