For Artists: A letter from Leah Tinsley

I'm so glad you are here!  Welcome to a place where creatives can thrive. ArtNest exists to cultivate joy and inspiration in all who seek to connect with art. A place to be empowered and reassured that you are capable and creative. Perfection is the standard we hold up when we need an excuse to justify our fear of rejection or failure. You can be free from this standard and create in freedom! I create to evoke feelings that will compel you to be encouraged, to see beauty & hope in life and to take bolder more authentic actions. You are a Story! You are Art!

It's not about being better or bigger than everyone else. It's about your voice being honest and your passion moving others. We are Risk takers, course changers, path makers, creators, dreamers, healers, leaders, storytellers. 

To approach a new beginning with purpose is to dive deep on a search for that which stirs you. And when you find it, let it be your compass. Choose courage in the face of the unknown. 

I believe you are here for a reason. There is purpose in who you are, what you have lived and where you are today. I want to help you have breakthrough & step into your calling creatively and spiritually. I want to help you let go of your fear, shame, anxiety, unbelief, bad patterns and insecurities. You can grow as an artist, find clients to buy your work, run a business and touch others with what you create. I believe in you. God created us to be conduits of blessing not just for us to get by in life. 

If you are willing to be teachable and willing to invest in yourself than I invite you to connect with me. Your life is the fruit of your habits and the beliefs you cultivate. Investing in your calling is a key that unlocks blessing & promises. I want to link arms & walk with you. I invite you to connect with me in the following ways;

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 Sharing Light & Having Fun! - Love Leah