Through it All

It’s not about perfection it’s about perseverance. Sometimes things don’t go the way you planned but that doesn’t mean you’ve failed. It doesn’t mean you’re less.
Through the tears and sorrows, through the questions for tomorrow you become stronger. Through drowning in worries and the entanglement of fears you gain courage. Through mental paralysis and personal failures you learn to heal. Through hiding in silence and abandonment of promises you grasp for connection.
It’s okay to go through it ALL. Let yourself be what you need to be, guilt free. You don’t have to fake it. If others don’t understand, it’s not your full time job to explain it over and over again. Just be real and say today really sucks but I know it won’t last forever. Don’t wear a mask, just speak truth.
I could have quit a million times already but I haven’t. I could have become a shallow, shadow version of my true self, but I didn’t. I could hardened my heart and hid my passions and gifts forever away but I couldn’t. I’ve chosen to be honest, to let go, to heal and to grow. I’ve decided to rest, to breathe and to stretch out my arms & let love in.
Through it all I’ve chosen Love. A real Love. To let the disappointments and loss grow compassion for others inside me. To bloom a new joy, that was watered by tears and brought to life by the light of tomorrow’s.
Through it ALL God has never looked away. He’s never seen me as less and he’s never let me go. He’s always found a way into darkness and brought me comfort & hope.
Through it all, He restores my soul