My painting “Majestic” secret garden is this - What is a mystery, hidden or secret in actuality is ALL yours!!! You have the keys to the garden! You don’t have to ask permission. You have access to heaven, to restoration, to intimate healthy relationships, to abundance and an all encompassing resting place where you are truly known.
I invite you to the garden. A place where sounds bring peace and beauty brings joy.
As an artist I connect the seen and unseen. Through creative expression others encounter life and the light of God.
When you see my art, yes it may be pretty but it is also mighty. Because in every stroke and color and shadow there is love, faith, truth and light. The goodness others seek, lives in my art. And that’s why I paint & sell my art. To literally create for you, what you need, in a picture. To inspire, encourage and free you. Art is powerful! It leads, builds, grows and multiplies what is waiting to be birthed.
May my art bless you