I'll Fly Away

We do not always remember the exact moment a dream is born in our hearts but sometimes we do have treasured memories that forever influence our future. I believe in dreaming big & that sharing our gifts can help others fly.
Here is why. 👇
“Do what is best not easiest”. These are words I read on the wall of artist & author Susan Morrison’s house. June 16th, 1999, the day I had the privilege of visiting her home in Eureka Springs, I was 15 years old. It was through an English gifted honors program that thirty youngsters, from all over Arkansas, were gifted this opportunity. We camped, hiked and embarked on many adventures with the Ozark Natural Science Center. It was through this experience that I became inspired to become an artist. 🎨
I had always enjoyed writing, reading and drawing but never had it crossed my mind that being an artist could be my passion and career. I remember sitting alone in Susan’s studio that rainy day. I sat in her studio chair and just marveled at how peaceful the environment she lived in was. How could something so awesome be her job?!?! It awoke a longing in me, to create a life & career where I could be a passionate, creative and successful woman. Without knowing it, at a very young age, I became a visionary.
The thing with visions is that not everyone else sees or understands your dreams the way you do. Meeting other’s expectations can definitely push you to abandon and sacrifice what makes you, you! That is not okay! There is only one you & you only have one life to live! Don’t waste it pleasing people. Live your life to the fullest, fulfill those dreams of your heart. It is okay to be different. It is okay to have quirks. It is okay to be “too” passionate (literally been called this). Because it is these people that, see the invisible and create the unseen.
In 1929, Albert Brumley was dreaming of flying away from a cotton field when he wrote “I’ll Fly Away”. In 1931, his wife encouraged him to send his manuscripts to a publisher, assuring him that the songs had quality. Acting on Goldie’s advice and encouragement, his first submission to a publisher was “I’ll Fly Away”. As a result, the song written during the depression was carried to the nation by radio and traveling Southern Gospel quartets. People everywhere were receiving renewed hope as they listened to “I’ll Fly Away” and other Brumley compositions.
Something so simple became so impactful because of action & faith. It matters when we support one another and it matters when we try. Sometimes it takes an unorthodox or unique approach to fulfilling your dream. It may mean taking small steps at first and working towards your dreams in your free time. However, if you really want it, then it is worth it. Think outside the box, if there is a will, there is a way. Do research, ask for advice, practice & make mistakes. But don’t give up! Remember, “Do what is best not easiest”.
Today I am a woman who can fly high, create beauty & empower others. This painting is a reminder to dream, to dare to try, to take action, to be bold and pursue what’s best for you.
So to all you dreamers & visionaries – Fly Away, Soar high and be who you were created to be!