A Season Wasted vs. A Season Well Spent

Our plans have been changed, trajectories rerouted. Life’s purpose is not a one-stop arrival, it’s a journey of endless choices, the story we tell with our lives. Many people feel overwhelmed and fearful of the future but this season is an opportunity to be still, to contemplate memories, learn, rest, create and have vision.

There is meaning in where you stand in this season. Where you are today matters for who you will be tomorrow. Each day is a gift and an opportunity to be a beacon of light to others. Hope is not a strategy, it’s a realm of peace we choose to walk into. When we step into this doorway, we find strength and purpose. Hope is a part of my identity and something I chose to grab a hold of and yield many years ago.

I encourage you to take yourself off auto-pilot, have hope and celebrate moments. Allow yourself to fully open up, hear, see, taste, feel and connect with the beauty and love that is around you.

When I have anxiety and can’t understand what’s going on I ask God “what’s on your heart for me?” Each time God responds with an answer and in that answer I find a bounty of peace, joy, love, wisdom, comfort and courage.

I pray that you will find peace during this time of uncertainty and see goodness around you & how you can make this time significant.