Booking a Commission

An Artwork as radiant as you are.. Imagine the perfect piece to tell your story. What would it look like? 
  • Welcome! You can request a commission or ask questions by emailing me at
  • If accepted into the commission calendar, you will receive an email from the studio within 14 days and an invoice containing a non-refundable 25% deposit. 
  • If needed we can arrange a phone call where we will get to know each other and dive deeper into your concept. 
  • From there I will communicate with you my plan and timeframe for completion. We can communicate through email, messenger or text. Once we agree on that plan it's time for me to start painting! 
  • Once complete, I will reveal the final artwork for your approval. 
** Special Commissioned Pieces: I also create commissioned pieces where my clients ask me to do a piece for them that is a SURPRISE. That's right, a surprise! When painting these pieces I would still ask you a few questions. But basically, I pray about what your painting should have on it, and as I paint it comes to me. It's an amazing process and ALL of my clients have loved their surprise commissioned pieces. If this is something you are interested in for you, for a friend or family member as a gift please email me at
Some questions you can answer for me when you contact me. 
1. Describe your Idea: Include the inspiration behind the piece, personal stories and what the piece will mean to you! This is a safe place where I can have the opportunity to get to know you and deeply understand your vision for the artwork. 
2. Choose your color theme
3. What size are you wanting?
4. Orientation? Horizontal or Vertical
5. Would you like a payment plan? 
6. Who is your favorite artist? 
7. Which painting of mine is your favorite? 
Also, make sure to check out my testimonials page!! Lots of stories from my customers and why they love partnering with me to create their one of a kind art piece.