Why are we so scared to use our imagination?

Why are we so scared to use our imagination? Imagination is where we begin to see impossibilities become realities. And when you partner your imaginations with God’s heart & vision you will see the impossible as logical. Who told you that you weren’t creative? I'm certain it wasn’t your creator. Only the child like mind can lead us into a reality where a lion & lamb lay next to one another. A child like mind is not limited by fear, the past, inadequate feelings, false humility and others judgments.

To be creative is to pass through the wardrobe into a realm of the supernatural. A journey to the incredible truths/ideas/solutions that are waiting for us to discover. To be creative means you get to enjoy your sense of wonder, adventure and awe. It’s time we give ourselves permission to be free mentally, spiritually and emotionally. To take a deep breath and reconnect with goodness. To partner with the creator as his sons & daughters. To enjoy the wonders of the unseen and undiscovered. There is so much joy in creative freedom. Don’t try to put round pegs into square holes.

How does God want to use you and who you already are? Yes, You. If you don’t feel creative I encourage you focus on freedom. Imagine what it looks like to let go and have fun. No self judgment, No judgement from others, just fun. When we encounter God through our imagination it leads us to new revelations, which leads us to a fuller understanding ~ of our true identity and of who He really is. It’s not something we have to work for, it’s something that’s tangibly available and free.

The journey starts with coming to terms with this ~ God is greater than our limited experiences, He is greater than our fears, he is greater than lies spoken over us and He is greater than what we see as failures/imperfections. So, today I encourage you to take a risk, use your imagination and create something in freedom! And when you are done, do it again and again and again.