To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow


Have courage to go the distance for yourself! As I painted this heart I thought of all the paths I’ve crossed where I’ve seen other hearts in pain. Divorce, abuse, loss, uncertainty, sickness, loneliness, depression, addiction, anxiety, lack, failure, unforgiveness, manipulation, bitterness, unfaithfulness, fear, rejection, perfectionism, self harm, the list goes on and on. But what’s even worse is seeing them stuck/trapped in that pain. I believe God has placed a desire and a seed inside each of us for change. But resistance to change can grab us by the throat and kill all progress. Even though we want change & healing, we also fear it. Change can be temporarily uncomfortable and require work but from my own personal experience it is worth it!!!!!

My life contains many stories that caused deep pain but I have chosen to forgive, heal and grow each time. My prayer was always “God, don’t allow my heart to become hard”. I never wanted to be stuck forever in darkness or treat others unfairly bc of my past. I never wanted to settle for less than what I deserved, for myself. I fought for myself. When I lost my trust in God, when I felt like dying, when the world seemed like a black hole. I fought for myself bc I knew what mattered most. Life. The breath of life that lives in me is precious and unique. No one can take away my value and no one can snuff out my purpose. Each of us has a story to live out, filled with beauty and power. I know pain can be a good teacher and reveals lessons to us, but that’s exactly what they are, lessons. Learn and then move on. Reach out for help, go after what sets your heart on fire, create healthy boundaries, pursue ways to heal, move forward & grow! Have courage to love yourself. Be willing to be your best, most loving, kind and patient self. Don’t allow those who inflicted the pain to win by taking away the good in you.

God knows what we need. Every time I have gone through a difficulty, He has shown up in some creative way. Rather it’s through a friend, stranger, song, nature, written word, a vision - He always shows up, because He is always there! He never leaves us. His strength and his love is available to us. We can take his hand and allow his strength to be ours when we feel weak and his love to move through us when we feel stuck. His words are truth and they encourage. When I doubt my abilities or question my purpose even after going through healing, I ask God, “what’s on your heart for me”? And what I hear or see always fills my heart with what’s needed. He provides, He is a GOOD father.

What does your heart need? What do you need to be free from? What areas do you want to grow more in? Challenge yourself to heal & grow by reflecting on what you need and then go after it! Be patient with yourself, give your heart time and then watch a garden of beauty grow within your heart. Let life bloom! ❤️🌺