Holding space for silence

Holding space for silence. Why is the simplest, best thing for our souls’ long-term health so crazy difficult to do sometimes? There are so many ways we push away silence and allow noise to fill the gaping voids in our souls. Amid all the busyness of life, we’ve made it difficult to hear God’s voice. To be still. And what’s ironic is that when we do spend time with God, we find the majority of our fears/anxieties are complete lies.
Lately I have found these precious moments of quiet make me feel so emotionally & mentally refueled. Journaling with the windows open and candle burning. Sitting in the car people watching and eating my Chick-fil-A. Reading the magazine I bought at the grocery store. Sipping my coffee and snuggling with my puppy & husband. All these quiet moments are pure bliss.
Scientists have found that the brains of people who spend time in prayer and meditation are different. Their imagination is rewired, anxiety decreases, focus increases and perspective shifts.
You are LOVELY and you deserve peace!!!!! You really do. This painting is a reminder of exactly that.