Full Access

WHAT IF you could walk into wisdom & knowledge? Like taking a hike or just a stroll and gathering solutions like flowers along the way. What if you could access a library of your needs while laying on the earth and napping.
There is a connection between our spirit & our body. And there is a connection between the physical & the spiritual world. When we look with our eyes only we see beautiful things. But when we look with our spirit we find another layer of bright & gleaming light✨.
When we experience grief, anxiety, pain or loneliness we NEED not only to do the conventional things BUT also we need to walk deep into the forest of bright & gleaming light. We have access to answers, solutions, healing and wisdom. Physically & Emotionally. We don’t have to pay for it, it’s free. God literally reveals what we ask for. But do you ask Him? Do you seek? Or do you just accept defeat?
As you’ve read from my previous post, I am on a journey to COMPLETE healing and understanding of what my physical body has been experiencing this past month. As I finished this commissioned painting, I was praying over what the painting’s message would be for my client. And in this process I found a message for myself as well. “Hope is Yours”. What wasn’t written yet leaped out to me from the canvas. So I painted the golden letters that spoke.
Hope is that part of faith that focuses on the future. To trust and wait expectantly.Hope encourages us to change our perspective and to be bold.
So…. Know this… Hope is yours. Hope is mine. We have access to what we seek. Be bold.
Take a stroll and remember, you are not alone!The path your on is a path well taken.