“Illuminate” Print

“Illuminate” Print

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Each original art piece was lovingly hand-made by artist Leah Tinsley

This is a reproduction of my original artwork. It is printed on a high-quality archival, acid free paper and archival inks. Prints are available in three sizes. 10"x10", 12"x12" and 20"x20". No frame included. 

Shipping Details.
10"x10" and 12"x12" prints will be shipped flat in plastic protective sleeve inside a sturdy mailer. Also, a white mat will be included. Each print will be ready to ship in 5-7 days. 

20"x20" or larger prints will be rolled into a shipping tube. If multiple sizes and quantities are ordered, all prints will come together in a tube. 

Images may not be reproduced, resold or used in any form without written consent. Prints will not include watermark. Size of art in images shown may not depict the actual size of art you are purchasing. Please reference size comparison. Please keep in mind every computer displays colors differently.

Copyright Leah Tinsley 2021 All Rights Reserved

Story behind the art: This painting is about saying yes in the darkness. There is so much darkness in the world that tries to snuff out our health, our minds, our hearts, our families, our marriages, our dreams and our destinies. We are called to be a light in this world but sometimes knowing how to be that can be confusing and exhausting when there is so much to battle on a daily basis.

I believe that if we can be honest with ourselves and intentionally go after healing and learn to see ourselves as God sees us then we can be a light no matter what. It’s about looking into a mirror and seeing who you really are, not the lies, not the trauma, not the excuses or pain. No, look in the mirror and see your TRUE beauty inside, your gifts and the endless value of your life that God has given you. Nothing can change or take away your value. Nothing! No one else’s words or past experiences change what your worth. The one that has the power to accept healing and change is YOU. Trust me, I know first hand! Go after it. And when you accept your true identity & worth, the torch you carry will light a fire for all to see.
As I painted this forest, I imagined what the world would look like with nations holding torches of light rather than hatred, fear, control and manipulation. I know this world will never be perfect but the smallest of people can make the most magnificent impacts when they decide to live in truth and light. Their small acts, unified with others create momentum and that creates change. A change I long to see more of. So, please say yes, yes to being a light in the darkness. And if you struggle with knowing how then reach out to someone that is already shining bright.